Guide to Boy Shorts

Boy ShortsWhat are Boy Shorts?

Boy shorts are a relatively new underwear option and are gaining in popularity. Some even claim they are replacing other panties. They are crossing generational lines and being worn by grandmothers and teenagers alike.

Boy shorts are tight and extremely short shorts cunningly intended go beneath clothes. They are designed to prevent others seeing from your underwear in low cut pants, but provide more coverage than thongs and even bikini underwear. Some versions provide almost full coverage of your rear, while others only provide partial coverage — think the lower quarter of your rear. They are cut low at the thigh to cover the hips and upper part of the thigh. In addition, these panties tend to gloss over problem areas of the hips and thighs, which may be why they are so popular.

Why Should I Wear Boy Shorts?

Boy shorts are incredibly comfortable, much more comfortable than thongs. They tend not to ride, but stay in place; though some versions do ride a little. They are perfect for lounging around the house, or wearing beneath pajamas or work out clothes. Some versions are perfect for tighter clothes and dresses too. In addition, they are designed to go beneath low rise pants, a plus if you lean over a lot and wear low cut pants.

Boy shorts are very sexy, some say sexier than thongs. They cover the rear, though not fully. We all know men are visual creatures, and many men find the little part that boy shorts show to be appealing. Men feel like they’re seeing something they shouldn’t. In addition, these panties cover hips and the upper parts of thighs — something most women appreciate. Many designers have added lace, bows and ribbons onto different versions making them more feminine and sexy.

But there is one problem with boy shorts. Some versions do leave a visible panty line, though options to eliminate this are getting better and better. Versions of this panty made from a micro-fiber and without lace, ribbons or embellishment are your best bet. If you are wearing tight clothes and are worried about visible panty line, a thong is still your best bet, though well constructed boy shorts are a close second.

Boy shorts often look great with a sexy camisole rather than a bra. This is great for lounging around the house on hot evenings or for wearing for someone special. If you’re worried about support, wear a bra beneath your camisole or try a camisole with built in support.

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