Why Hobbies Are Beneficial For Women

You may find it hard to believe but hobbies for women are part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you are thinking to yourself that life is far too hectic and busy to try to squeeze in another thing on your “to-do” list. Sit back and look at how much time you really devote to yourself and how much time you give to working and family obligations. You can suddenly realize that maybe looking into hobbies for women is not such a bad idea.

Why Hobbies Are Beneficial For WomenThere is no set rule as to when you can pick up a hobby. In fact, many hobbies aren’t really tapped into until a woman reaches her “retirement” age. This is most likely because women feel they do not have time to spend. A hobby can be something you start as a child and pick up later down the road. You may even stumble upon a new hobby you like during a hobby you already enjoy. What is important to remember in regards to hobbies for women is to find something you truly love.Why Hobbies are Important

Have you noticed that you are easily frazzled these days? Are you beginning to snap at the kids and at your husband? Do you feel like you never see your friends anymore? Perhaps this is the time to take a reality check and prioritize your life. Women usually assume the role of caregiver in the home. Whether you work full-time or not, a woman ends up running the household, taking care of crisis with the kids, doing laundry, buying groceries and the list can go on. Can you say you take time out of your busy life to enjoy a craft or hobby of some sort?
Hobbies for women are important for several reasons.
The first reason a hobby is beneficial is that it allows a woman the chance to relieve stress and revitalize the mind and body.  By taking an hour or less for yourself, you can find a way to clear your mind of all the responsibilities you have on your shoulders. Whatever hobby you choose to learn and enjoy, remember that not only are you allowing your creativity to flourish but you are also improving your overall well-being.This brings us to the second reason why hobbies for women are important. A hobby is a chance to allow your creative side to thrive. We all have hidden talents within us and no one but ourselves can discover what it is. By trying out different crafts you are interested in learning, you will be more likely to discover your hidden creative treasure. Picasso and Renoir did not just wake up during their childhood and decide to become famous painters. They had to work at their talent by taking up the hobby of drawing and painting. Famous designers also had to start from a base point, which was usually a love for clothes, color, and fashion. You never know if you will be the next Vera Wang or Claude Monet unless you get out there and discover your hidden talents.

A third reason why hobbies for women are important to your overall health is that it allows you the chance to do something with your children, your spouse, or your friends.

We all need special time with our family and friends, the moments when memories can be created and traditions can begin. A hobby can bring you closer to someone, especially if you share the same passion and interest for a particular area. Children are great examples of why hobbies are important. Kids love to get elbow-deep in a craft project because it gives them the feeling of accomplishment.Most of the time when you are completing tasks on your “to-do” list and taking care of your children’s needs, you end up with nothing to show for your hard work but a tired back and achy feet. By having a hobby, you will not only have a chance to unwind for a while, but will physically have something to show for your precious time spent. Hobbies even make great gifts for friends and family because you are creating something unique and from the heart. Hobbies can even save you a few dollars. As an example if sewing is your forte, you can make clothes for your children without having to fork out a load of cash for an outfit they will outgrow in a year.

Finding a Hobby

If you get easily overwhelmed, do not fear not being able to narrow down your choices for a hobby. The most important step when finding a hobby is to choose something that suits your lifestyle and your budget.
If you are on a specific schedule with only a certain amount of free time available, you do not want to choose a hobby that requires a lot of time to do. You also do not want to get involved in something that is financially out of your grasp. The best thing to do is make a list of things you love to do, things you like to do and things you absolutely hate to do.Take a look at what hobbies you love and like and go from there. If exercise is your thing, maybe look into joining a gym or see if there is a local studio to take classes. Yoga is another great hobby to take up, especially because it emphasizes getting in touch with your inner being and learning to relax your body. The beauty of yoga is that with a couple lessons you can then begin to practice your hobby in your home at any time day or night. If you are into running, check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see if there are any marathons or running groups in your area.

If exercise is not your speed, there are plenty of other choices. If you enjoy painting, you may be able to find a small art group or class to join. Ceramics and glass blowing are also popular hobbies to do and your town may house a local studio to work in. Sewing and knitting are hobbies you can do on your own, whenever you have some spare time.

The only requirement for sewing is you may need a sewing machine for big projects. Needlepoint is another hobby many women can do, especially when you have young children at home.If you do endeavor to take on a more involved and expensive hobby, such as welding or carpentry, you need to be sure, you have a dedicated workspace and a good reserve of cash to spend on equipment. Also, when you are choosing a more intricate hobby, be sure you take all the necessary safety precautions and training courses available before you start. Hobbies are meant to improve your life, not end it.

Hobbies for women include an overabundance of options for you to choose. What you need to remember is to find something that fits your current lifestyle and wallet. You also need to be aware of any safety precautions you should take for your hobby. Once you find that special niche, you will begin to reap the benefits of having a fulfilling way to release your creative side while reducing tension and stress.


Hobbies for Busy Women

Everyone needs a hobby. So does a woman. In fact, the busier a woman is, the more that woman really needs a healthy, tension-relieving, fun way to relax.

For busy women in today’s jam-packed society, the notion of a hobby can sound like a waste of time. Yet even though we may feel we are too busy to allow ourselves some well-deserved downtime, we still crave it on the inside.

Hobbies for Busy WomenCaring for the caregiver
As responsible women, we understand our obligations to others. My question is, do we understand our obligations to ourselves? How many of us fill all the cups around us only to find our own is bone dry?

Some symptoms of a lack of self-care may be:

  • snapping at the kids (or whoever else happens to intersect with us at that special moment)
  • feeling resentful
  • experiencing undue worry or lethargy
  • just going through the motions
  • the nagging sense that we mustn’t quit, because we know we might not get started again
  • a decrease in time spent on personal grooming
  • an increase in our personal appetites (smoking, drinking, eating, television viewing or other inappropriate/nonproductive behaviors or excesses)

Now, I can hear you already. You’re saying, “Throwing a hobby into the fray isn’t going to fix all those problems.”

You are right. Those challenges are as complex as the women struggling with them, and the solutions are probably going to be complex as well. However, according to the Hobby Industry Association (HIA), 60 percent of U.S. households participated in hobbies and crafts. All of those women can’t be wrong!

Great reasons to get a hobby
Why should you indulge in a regular hobby that you love? Here are a few reasons to start you pondering.

• Share with your children. Teach what you enjoy to those you love.

• Spend quality time with friends — or better yet, make some new friends by joining a hobby club.

• Reap personal renewal. Hobbyists often comment that they feel refreshed and revitalized after a hobby session. Could you be more efficient if you applied your brain to something else once in awhile?

• Get something productive back for the time you spend. Enjoy crafts? Make your own gifts. Like to read? Knowledge is yours for the taking. Love to garden? Feel the satisfaction of making things grow.

• Take ten. When the outside pressures turn up, taking a few minutes to turn to a hobby can help you diffuse the pressure inside of you and maintain the calm you desire.

• Nurture your creative side. No matter how you feel about your creativity (or perceived lack of it), allowing yourself the chance to practice your God-given creativity can really fill your cup — you know, the cup you dip into to fill all those other cups around you.

Ready to do yourself a favor? Take a walk through a craft store. Or a library. Or ask a few friends what they enjoy doing for a break. Think about the things you loved doing as a kid. Give yourself the chance to stay on top by taking a break.