10 makeup mistakes that make you look older

1. Thick layer of foundation – accentuates wrinkles. For a beautiful ten use a sponge to remove the excess of foundation
2.Too light foundation – accentuates the fine lines of the face
3. Thick layer of anti wrinkle
4.Powder on wrinkles – has to be use to reduce the lighting of nose and cheeks but avoid wrinkles
5.Blush on cheekbones – draws attention to the face side where the skin is down
6.Leaking lipstick – lips contour is lost over time, which makes the lipstick to “migrate”. Thus, mature women should use lip liner for a fresh look
7.Strident lipstick – Bright colors, very dark or metal are not suitable for thinning lips. Preferably a neutral color for lips
8.Mascara on the lower lashes – highlights the wrinkles at the corners of the eye. Mature women should use mascara on the upper lashes for a fresh look.
9.Eye liner on the lower eyelids – reduces eye and draw attention to dark circles.
10.Bright eye shadow on corners – highlights every wrinkle